"I am a working teacher who has aching feet...but loves pretty shoes! I appreciate how The Ultimate Foot Store helps support my feet, while providing a wide variety of styles. The help provided by their knowledgeable staff has made a shopping trip into a friendship. Thank you UFS!"

-Annie Ushiroda


Loyal UFS customer, Joanne Lief gave a heartfelt testimonial about how the products and services at The Ultimate Foot Store have changed her life! Check out what she had to say below.

"I have always been very happy with my purchases from The Ultimate Foot Store. The quality of their footwear is excellent and their expertise and customer service is far above other stores! The employees are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about all of the products. 

-Joy Matsukawa


Dr. Bryan Lee, DPT, renowned physical therapist from Physical Therapy Associates in Honolulu, Hawaii shares his experience with UFS below.


Here is a shoutout from celebrity YouTube content creator, James White from Freakin' Reviews about his experience with one of our products in particular.


I recently bought a pair of Brooks shoes and Vionic slippers from your Kaka'ako store and must write to let you know how pleased I am of your product.  Every time I need footwear I always go to one of your stores for good reason.  I am always pleased with the exceptional customer service but most importantly your footwear is always high quality. They are comfortable, soothing and lasts a long time…certainly worth the price.  Upon my recommendation, many of my family and friends patronize your place because I brag to them about the service and satisfaction at your stores.  Your staff is very knowledgeable about your products;  they listen to my concerns and give me recommendation on the perfect fit.  That takes talent and I commend you for the great training you provide to them. Thanks again for your great contribution to our community – your employees, your prices and your products.  My feet thank you too.

-Gene Nishimura